Avon Eve Duet Eau De Parfum

Free gift (worth £37.50*) when you buy Avon Eve Duet EDP

Introducing our first dual-ended, mixable fragrance.


Why wear just one fragrance? With Eve Duet, our first dual-ended, mixable fragrance, you can wear two scents separately, or layer together to create a blend that’s unique to you. Spritz a dash of sensual with a splash of radiance until you find your perfect combination.

The Eve Duet Story

Clément Gavarry, IFF Senior Perfumer, imagined creating a scent that would allow the many facets of a woman to come to life through a combination of two fragrances, which could be worn alone or united.

Designed in perfect harmony the two scents share a heart of exotic Amazon water lily, which transforms colour and scent from dawn to dusk.

At the first rays of the sun, this enigmatic flower blossoms into feminine blush shades. The Pink Dawn Water Lily unfolds to exhale a juicy and uplifting scent that brings a natural yet vibrant energy to Radiant Allure. As night falls, the same flower blossoms with a beguiling white hue and evolves into the White Dusk Water Lily. It releases a different scent, creamy with fruity undertones, to infuse Sensual Allure with seductive sophistication.

Because the fragrances have a shared heart, they create a beautiful symphony when worn together. Since the fragrances can be layered in any combination, the possibilities are truly infinite.


This vibrant melody of uplifting citrus notes adds luminosity to the unfolding pink dawn water lily and blonde woods (sandalwood is red) sandalwood, for sparkling radiance and effortless femininity.


A concerto of alluring pink pepper and captivating white dusk water lily wrapped in stunning patchouli for chic sensuality and irresistible femininity.

  • A dual-ended perfume bottle of 2 complementary scents, wear separately or layer together to create a blend that’s unique to you.
  • Radiant is the gold side and sensual is the purple side.
  • 50ml.

*based on normal brochure prices.


Author: Simon James

I live in Chepstow but I'm a proud Yorkshire man from York. There are two things I work at, my cooking and baking, which I love. Then there is Avon cosmetics which as far as an income goes, is a necessity.

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